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Ascend inc. is a spiritual organization providing different spiritual views from around the world. We are not a religion and don’t tell you what to believe. We provide information that allows you to make your own choice. No matter what you believe, we can help solidify or open your mind to alternative spiritual ideas.

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Ascend was created out of need. Our founders study and have worked professionally in various spiritual industries and realized a lack of relevant content that helps everyone deal with the circumstances of life a little easier. Some of us are taught religion from a young age and never question its true purpose or motives. We’ve created Ascend to help share spiritual ideas and practices that fit your own personal ideologies. We don’t have a book of religious rules to follow, we don’t care who you are or who you were, our goal is to share real life experiences that can help make your life easier. 


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Ascend Inc.

Spiritual discussion and exploration. A different way to view the world.

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