Most frequent questions and answers

Ascend is a spiritual exploration resource designed to help people explore different spiritual and religious ideas. We aren’t any one religion and leave that decision to each individual. You can read more about our mission and goals here.

Anyone. We can help guide you on your journey through life or just share knowledge on spiritual topics and religions you may not already know about or just want to get more information on. If you’re seeking help and healing, or have a solid grasp on your religion and just want to explore other ideas and methods, we have services, resources, and experience to assist in your ascension through life.  

We are not a religion of any type. We are a resource that provides tools and information to help you make your own decisions on life’s intricacies. Our founders were both raised on strict catholic principals and through life experiences and rigorous self development and study, they’ve chosen to further explore spiritual mediumship and have brought their knowledge and experience to the world. 

A spiritual membership with Ascend is your portal into balancing your life and spiritual beliefs. Grow and develop your mind and spirit, join healing meditation sessions, align your personal ideas with your spiritual development, and so much more. Our membership is the first step in total spiritual progression and alignment. Read more about our membership here

That’s amazing! We aren’t here to twist your arm and make you believe something or push our ideas on you. While our founders have a strong foundation in spiritual mediumship, our goal is to provide as much knowledge as possible on all spiritual, religious and other popular topics. From our podcasts to spiritual membership, to so much in between, we offer anyone the ability to learn about what they want from life and spirituality.